SF Match Releases Results

The SF Match released match results to programs and applicants this morning for the 149 fellowship positions starting in July of 2015. This was our most successful match to date with 139 applicants matching (last year 129 matched out of 137 positions). The Match is...

AAHKS Members Attend RUC Meeting

On April 24, William Macaulay, MD, Health Policy Committee Vice Chair and Stephen Duncan, MD, Health Policy Fellow, attended the RAW (Relative Activity Workgroup) at the AMA RUC meeting in Chicago to discuss the hip revision code 27134. AAHKS member and AAOS RUC...

Episode-based Payment Models Submitted

Krista Stewart, Membership & Advocacy Coordinator, submitted AAHKS comments to CMS on Episode-Based Payment Models for Outpatient Specialty Practitioner Services. The comments included details on the total knee quality measures which AAHKS developed.

Research Task Force Created

A new task force, under the leadership of Past President Thomas P. Vail, MD, is charged with articulating a vision and models for our research mission and determining the resources needed to achieve this.

Match Rank Lists Submitted

Rank lists were submitted by today to the SF Match from all applicants: 61 Hip and Knee programs and 15 Tumor programs participated in the match. This year’s match day will take place on April 25 for fellowships starting in July of 2015.