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Members agree that one of the most valuable components of the AAHKS Annual Meeting are the clinical presentations made both at the podium and in the poster exhibition.

2015 Annual Meeting Call for Abstracts

Log in to the new AAHKS Submission Website to review the Abstract Guidelines and submit your abstracts. This is the first year we are using this system, so you will need to create an account and log in to the submission site and not the homepage.

2015 Annual Meeting Call for Symposia

The call for symposia has ended. Review the symposia guidelines and disclosure information.

Evaluation and Validation

BioMed Central Health Services Research evaluated and validated the abstract review process  that AAHKS uses for evaluating each abstract submitted. The five criteria are:

  1. Importance of topic/originality
  2. Purpose/hypothesis of paper clearly described
  3. Methods/statistics adequately described
  4. Results adequately described
  5. Conclusion supported by data and answers the purpose/question or hypothesis

The maximum review score is 25 with a maximum of 5 points for each of the above categories.