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Joint Education Ventures Subcommittee Report

William P. Barrett, MD, Chair of the Joint Education Ventures Subcommittee, gave the following report at the AAHKS Annual Meeting:

Most significant activities or developments:

  • Developed and implemented 3 resident surgical skills courses in Chicago, Dallas and Baltimore. Attended by over 110 residents
  • Grant funds exceeded expenses
  • Joint venture between AAHKS, AAOS, Hip Society and Knee Society

Plans for next year:

  • Build on success of 2014 courses > 90% of attendees “met/exceeded expectations”
  • PGY 2-3 target participants
  • Sites:
    –   Rosemont April 24-26 2015
    –   Baltimore May 15-17 2015
    –   Los Angeles June 5-7 2015


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