One of AAHKS’ newest awards, the Industry Innovation Award is a competitive product award for companies exhibiting at the AAHKS Annual Meeting. It recognizes cutting-edge innovation in the field of orthopaedic hip and knee arthroplasty by exhibitors. At the 2023 AAHKS Annual Meeting, OrthAlign received the award and we had the wonderful opportunity of sitting down with members from the company to hear more about their award-winning product.

Take a listen, we think you’ll find their product fascinating.

Enjoy, and thanks for listening to AAHKS Amplified!


In this episode:

Nick Aldrich – Vice President of Marketing, OrthAlign
Michael Ast, MD – OrthAlign
Cory L. Calendine, MD – Industry Relations Committee, Chair
James B. Chen, MD – OrthAlign
Eric Timko – President of OrthAlign

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