Guided by the Health Policy Committee, AAHKS provides physicians and their patients comprehensive and timely analysis of health policy issues pertaining to hip and knee surgery. Each year, there are changes in regulations affecting patient care reimbursement for hip and knee surgery. AAHKS develops strategies to keep up with changes and to influence the law-making process. Advocacy is necessary to maintain adequate compensation and reimbursement for services performed by hip and knee surgeons, as well as to ensure the quality of patient care.

Action Letters

AAHKS sends letters and signs on to letters with other organizations, which are sent to legislators and key health care positions within the administration. Read the letters.

2024 Medicare Payment Chart

AAHKS and our advocacy partner Epstein Becker Green have prepared a summary of the changes in Medicare payment for hip and knee surgeries from 2020-2024. The chart covers hospital inpatient, hospital outpatient and ASC settings, as well as the physician fee schedule. Review the chart.

Health Policy Fellowship

The goal of this program is to provide Fellows with the requisite exposure, training, and skills to prepare for the advocacy of health policy efforts of AAHKS. Full Details.

AAHKS Position Statements

AAHKS has issued statements on positions held regarding removal of total knee arthroplasty from the CMS IPO list and the CDC’s guideline on the use of antibiotics for SSI. Read statements.


Advocacy Supporting Studies and Opinion Pieces

What Happens When Your Doctor And Insurance Plan Disagree? (, November 14, 2021 by Prem Ramkumar, MD, MBA)

If Patients Knew: Surgeon Stewardship Versus Balance Sheet Bureaucracy In Orthopaedic Surgery (, October 21, 2021 by Prem Ramkumar, MD, MBA)

Devalue The Doctor: The Response Of A Manipulated System To Orthopaedic Surgeons (, September 4, 2021 by Prem Ramkumar, MD, MBA)



Advocacy is Time Well Spent

A 2020 Orthopedics Today issue features the cover story, “Advocacy gives physicians a voice, benefits patients” including interviews with leaders in orthopaedics who are making a difference in Washington, D.C. AAHKS Advocacy Committee Chair, James I. “Hutch” Huddleston, MD and 2020 AAHKS Presidential Award recipient, advises orthopaedic surgeons to get involved in their subspecialty advocacy groups. A strong presence on Capitol Hill that AAHKS has established amplifies the impact that volunteers can have on health policy. Full story.


The OrthoPAC

AAHKS is a member of the American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons Orthopaedic PAC (OrthoPAC) Advisor’s Circle, which allows us to work together to maximize our opportunities to make an impact in Washington, DC for the benefit of our members.

You can help strengthen AAHKS’s advocacy voice by contributing to OrthoPAC from your smartphone. Text the word AAHKS to the number 41444, and follow the link that will be sent in the reply. For just $84 a month or $250 a quarter, you can become part of the Capitol Club Program. OrthoPAC encourages supporters to share this with colleagues. Or click the button below to log in and donate online.

AAHKS members accept Ortho PAC Advisor’s Circle Hall of Fame Award at the 2023 NOLC

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