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Our latest podcast series was recorded at the 2021 AAHKS Annual Meeting with co-hosts, Stefano A. Bini, MD and Anna R. Cohen-Rosenblum, MD.  In this recording, they were joined by, Courtney D. Bell, MD and Danielle Y. Ponzio, MD who discussed the rigorous training, lifestyle, and professional obligations that are associated with a career in orthopaedic surgery and if that ultimately causes discrepancies in work-family dynamics between female and male surgeons. The findings were collected through survey data and recorded. Find out what was uncovered by listening here, or wherever you download podcasts at.


  1. Work / family integration 
  2. What are the differences between male and female, if any? 
  3. How to carefully plan when developing a family as an orthopaedic surgeon

In This Podcast

Courtney D. Bell, MD
Danielle Y. Ponzio, MD
Host: Stefano A. Bini, MD, Digital Health Committee Chair
Host: Anna R. Cohen-Rosenblum, MD

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Kenneth Robinson, AAHKS C ommunications Manager

Stefano A. Bini, MD, Digital Health Committee Chair

Anna R. Cohen-Rosenblum, MD


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