The Fellows Orthopaedic Continued AAHKS Learning (FOCAL) Committee will kick off the first webinar in a series of free, interactive webinars for arthroplasty fellows and senior residents on August 31, 2020. “How to Review Manuscripts: From Randomized Studies to Database Studies and Meta-Analyses” will be moderated by Michael A. Mont, MD. Faculty will discuss how to review manuscripts including some tips on writing general research papers.

  1. Introduction: How I Write and Review a Manuscript, Michael A. Mont, MD
  2. Big Data: The Where, the What and the How, James A. Browne, MD
  3. How I Review Meta-Analyses and What I’m Looking for to Accept, Viktor E. Krebs, MD
  4. 30 Reasons to Reject, Michael A. Mont, MD
  5. Discussion: Sample Abstracts as “Cases” for Review
  6. Introduction to JOA Reviewer Mentorship Program

FOCAL webinars will take place on the last Monday of each month through July 2021. Learn more and register today!

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