june 2020 member surveyAAHKS has completed the fourth member survey on how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the practice of hip and knee replacement surgery. This survey focused on continued change and re-opening plans and processes. Here are some of the data we have collected:

  • 61% all surgery resumed with no restrictions
  • 23% hospitals have stopped elective inpatient surgery
    Down 57% since last survey
  • 66% Patients cancelling/delaying scheduled surgery
    Down 1% since last survey
  • 92% back to work
    Up 47% since last survey
  • 96% confirmed COVID-19 cases have occurred in their community or institution
    Up 15% since last survey
  • 81% All TJA patients tested for COVID-19
    Up 33% since last survey
  • Members report they are currently working an average of 66% of pre COVID-19 practice levels and expect to be at 89% of pre COVID levels by the end of the year.

We will continue to track the evolution of how re-opening affects AAHKS members in further surveys. We also plan to publish the results of these surveys for your information and utilization. Your continued input on these surveys is greatly appreciated.

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