The new AAHKS video, “Inclusion and Mutual Respect of Women in the Orthopaedic Workplace,” premiered and reached more than 17,000 views on YouTube in four days. The Tweets from AAHKS on Twitter generated positive discussion, comments and re-tweets from every medical specialty. We have been hearing from individual physicians and other health care professionals, institutions, U.S. and international medical societies and individuals in non-medical fields. The video has a central message that uses real-life comments to bring to light what many women hear in the course of their careers. The video also has a call to action to change the culture. Here’s what you can do to continue the momentum:

  • Watch the video.
  • Share it everywhere.
  • Start a discussion.
  • Call it out.
  • Change the culture.

Visit the AAHKS YouTube channel to watch the video.

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