AAHKS AmplifiedIn this 4-part podcast series, Dr. Bullock and other surgeons seek to help patients understand the importance of infection. They also outline treatment and recovery options and discuss how to diagnose and effectively treat an infected joint replacement. For more information, please visit our website at for other aspects related to hip and knee replacement.


  1. Understanding what an infection is
  2. Treatment and recovery options for an infection
  3. How to diagnose and treat an infection

In This Podcast

Matthew Bullock, DO | Marshall Ortho
Ben Stronach, MD | University of Arkansas
Arjun Saxena, MD | Rothman Orthopaedic Institute
Obi Adigweme, MD | Orlando Ortho
David Freccero, MD | Boston University 
Kara Willenburg, MD | Infectious Disease – Marshall Health
Katherine Belden, MD | Infectious Disease – Jefferson University

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