At the 2023 AAHKS Annual Meeting, the chair of the Digital Health & Social Media Committee Shaun P. Patel, MD and Nathaniel J. Nelms, MD sat down with our Surgical Techniques & Technology Award winner Christopher M. Melnic, MD to discuss his award-winning study. In this episode of AAHKS Amplified, Dr. Melnic shares that his study aimed to assess the effects of inferior screw placement on acetabular component failure following revision THA and it’s believed that inferior screw fixation will decrease acetabular failure rates.

Take a listen and we think you’ll find the results to be very astounding. Click here to view the paper abstract

Enjoy, and thanks for listening to AAHKS Amplified!


In this episode:
Christopher M. Melnic, MD –
AAHKS Surgical Techniques & Technologies Award Winner 
Nathaniel J. Nelms, MD –
Digital Health & Social Media Committee, Member 
Shaun P. Patel, MD –
Digital Health & Social Media Committee, Chair 

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