• In the latest Augment episode, “arthroplasty legend” Eduardo A. Salvati, MD, joins Young Arthroplasty Group (YAG) hosts Brian P. Chalmers, MD and Peter Gold, MD to discuss his journey to adult reconstruction through working with his father treating patients with polio in his home country of Argentina. Dr. Salvati’s research, international work across Latin America and Europe, and training the next generation of arthroplasty “legends” has profoundly affected the profession. Listen here, and click here to follow along with a slide deck. 
  • Listen to the newest Amplified podcast episodes to learn about the two 2023 winners of the AAHKS Industry Innovation Award, which recognizes innovative products and technologies presented by companies exhibiting at the AAHKS Annual Meeting. Representatives from OrthAlign and Force Therapeutics, the 2023 Innovation Award recipients, joined AAHKS Industry Relations Committee Chair Cory L. Calendine, MD to discuss their award-winning products. Listen here: OrthAlign episode | Force Therapeutics episode 
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