Congratulations to all residents who successfully matched into adult reconstruction fellowships! The combined Orthopaedic Fellowship Match took place on April 18. Of the 985 registered applicants, 879 successfully matched into an orthopaedic fellowship program. Within Adult Reconstruction, 269 applicants applied to at least 1 hip and knee program of the 114 programs offering 226 positions for 2024 placement. As a result, 200 applicants matched to a hip and knee fellowship, and 22 matches to another orthopaedic specialty. Among the matches applicants, 90 matches into their first choice position and 69 applicants received their second or third rank. Unmatched applicants may view programs with immediate vacancies on the SF Match website and contact those programs directly to apply. Programs with open positions may log into their SF Match account and post any openings in the vacancies search as well. 

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