At the 2023 AAHKS Annual Meeting, the chair of the Digital Health & Social Media Committee Shaun P. Patel, MD and Ahmed Siddiqi, MD, MBA sat down with M. Umar Burney, MD, Junaid A. Makda, MD and Khalid M. Yousuf, MD to discuss their mission work with their organization, GODA (Gifted of Disability Alleviation). GODA was started in 2014 and since then, has grown substantially. In the recording, Dr. Yousuf discussed how they’ve increased the number of surgeons who participate, the number of surgeries and how instrumental the education they provide has been for the residents. 

Listen to the recording for more on how GODA is helping people around the world with arthroplasty and other orthopaedic subspecialties. 

Enjoy, and thanks for listening to AAHKS Amplified!


In this episode:

M. Umar Burney, MD
Junaid A. Makda, MD

Shaun P. Patel, MD – Digital Health & Social Media Committee, Chair
Ahmed Siddiqi, MD, MBA – Digital Health & Social Media Committee, Member 
Khalid M. Yousuf, MD

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