A new podcast for patients has been published as a companion piece to the AAHKS article for patients advising them how to manage pain at home while waiting for hip or knee replacement surgery. AAHKS Patient and Public Relations Committee members Brett R. Levine, MD, Benjamin M. Stronach, MD and Arjun Saxena, MD, MBA discuss things patients can do now at home, gentle motion and staying safe during COVID-19.

Building on the podcasts for patients, Dr. Levine and Dr. Stronach engaged AAHKS President C. Lowry Barnes, MD in a podcast discussion for surgeons that covers not only how to help patients who are waiting for elective surgeries to resume but they also share their first-hand experiences in their institutions during this challenging time.

Listen to AAHKS Amplified on the AAHKS website or with your favorite podcast app.

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