With a growing audience of consumers, the AAHKS website sees more than 10,000 hits each month to the patient education articles about hip replacement surgery and knee replacement surgery. The AAHKS website is at the top of Google search engine results for hip and knee replacement content. In order to maximize this exposure and further educate our consumer audience, the Patient and Public Relations Committee, under the leadership of David F. Dalury, MD, has written and reviewed seven new articles. These articles, which were also reviewed by the Evidence Based Medicine Committee, chaired by Adolph J. Yates Jr., MD, are now part of our online patient education library, “Hip and Knee Care” accessed via the AAHKS homepage. Please share these articles with your patients, and continue to promote the AAHKS website as a credible source for hip and knee care information.

The seven new articles are:

» What You Should Know about Outpatient Hip or Knee Replacement

» Setting Expectations with Your Surgeon Prior to Joint Replacement

» Getting a Good Night’s Sleep after Hip or Knee Replacement Surgery

» Will my artificial joint set off airport security metal detectors?

» Addressing Implant Recall Concerns

» Preventing Infection in Your Joint at the Dentist’s Office

» But I Saw it on TV!

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