We’re truly excited to bring to you our latest recording on AAHKS Amplified. In this recording, we had the wonderful opportunity to hear the patient’s perspective from two arthroplasty patients. Both underwent hip and/or knee replacement surgery and candidly shared their experiences in a symposium at the 2024 AAHKS Spring Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, moderated by AAHKS Diversity Advisory Board (DAB) Chair, Muyibat A. Adelani, MD

Dr. Adelani spoke with Thomas Pattillo and Chrissie Smith to learn what their journeys were like. You’ll learn what challenges they faced, what their selection process was for picking an orthopaedic surgeon, how they prepared for surgery and what weight loss requirements were imposed on them to begin the surgery process.

Enjoy, and thanks for listening to AAHKS Amplified!

In This Episode:
Muyibat A. Adelani, MD – Diversity Advisory Board Committee, Chair
Thomas Pattillo
Chrissie Smith

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