The September issue of Arthroplasty Today highlights the new “Viewpoint” editorial category with the article, “Total joint arthroplasty in the public hospitals of Port-au-Prince, Haiti: our experience,” by Jessica Hooper, MD, Ronald H. Israelski, MD, Ran Schwarzkopf, MD, MSc. They detail their medical mission to Haiti in 2018 and report on how to “better serve the needs of orthopaedic patients, rather than take cases away from the local surgeons.”

Here are other article highlights in this issue:

Intraoperative povidone-iodine irrigation for infection prevention
Karan Goswami, Matthew S. Austin

Improved pain control with adductor canal block using liposomal bupivacaine after total knee replacement: a retrospective cohort study
Akshay Lakra, Matthew Grosso, Emma L. Jennings, H. John Cooper, Roshan P. Shah, Jeffrey A. Geller

Cementation of a monoblock dual mobility bearing in a newly implanted porous revision acetabular component in patients undergoing revision total hip arthroplasty
Jonathan A. Gabor, James E. Feng, Shashank Gupta, Tyler E. Calkins, Craig J. Della Valle, Jonathan Vigdorchik, Ran Schwarzkopf

Cobalt cardiomyopathy in hip arthroplasty
Muhammad Umar, Noman Jahangir, Muhammad Faisal Khan, Zobia Saeed, Farina Sultan, Ayyaz Sultan

Total joint arthroplasty in the public hospitals of Port-au-Prince, Haiti: our experience
Jessica Hooper, Ronald H. Israelski, Ran Schwarzkopf

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