Taking place Monday, October 25, at 7:00 p.m. Central, this month’s FOCAL webinar, Fellows Revenge! A Reverse Complex Case Conference, will feature three renowned attendings—Matthew P. Abdel, MD, Mayo Clinic, Matthew S. Austin, MD, Rothman Institute, and William G. Hamilton, MD, Anderson Clinic—and six arthroplasty fellows. Fellows include Colin T. Penrose, MD and Jacob M. Wilson, MD from Mayo Clinic, Musa B. Zaid, MD and Peter A. Gold, MD from Rothman Institute, and Sean E. Slaven, MD and Steven J. Ralles, MD from Anderson Clinic. Each fellow will present a complex hip or knee case to a faculty member from a different institution. Tune in to see if the fellows can stump our expert faculty! Anyone interested in arthroplasty is welcome to attend. Register here.

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