In this episode Augment hosts Dr. Chalmers and Dr. King are joined by AAHKS Past President Dr. Iorio to discuss the AAHKS Business Course at the Annual Meeting and the larger business of arthroplasty. The group talks about the evolution of practice models to very large group practices, ASC models, continued recovery from the pandemic and patient care over the last several years. They also discuss early career practice changes and why so many surgeons find new jobs in their first 5-10 years in practice and the future of bundled care. Hosts Dr. Chalmers and Dr. Landy are then joined by AAHKS Advocacy Committee Vice Chair Dr. Courtney to discuss the Health Policy Fellowship, getting involved in arthroplasty advocacy at the state and federal levels, Medicare payment reform and AAHKS Unity Day.

In this episode:
Brian P. Chalmers, MD
Connor A. King, MD
David C. Landy, MD, PhD
Richard Iorio, MD
P. Maxwell Courtney, MD

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