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Adult Reconstruction Fellowship Match Program
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Adult Reconstruction Fellowship Match
2025 Match for 2026 Fellowship Training


July 31, 2024: Deadline for programs to submit interview dates, program details and payment to AAHKS and SF Match. 
August 1, 2024: Applicant registration begins for the Adult Reconstruction Fellowship Match.
October 2024 — March 2025: Interview Period: The Fellowship Committee recommends scheduling interviews no earlier than October and no later than March of any given Match cycle.
April 8, 2025: Rank lists are due from programs and applicants to the SF Match by 12:00 p.m. (Pacific Time).
April 15, 2025: Match Day: Match results will be released at 9:00 a.m. (Pacific Time) to programs, applicants and US medical schools through the SF Match system. Login is required to view results.
April 16, 2025: Vacancies Posted: Any vacancies which remain after the Match will be announced on the Immediate Vacancies page, unless otherwise requested by programs. The vacancies page is updated as often as new information becomes available to SF Match.
July/August 2026: Fellowship training begins.




AAHKS supports both in-person interviews and virtual interviews. AAHKS encourages Adult Reconstruction Fellowship Programs to select the type of interview (in-person, virtual, or a hybrid approach) that best meets their institutional and programmatic needs. Programs and applicants are expected to follow the AAHKS Code of Conduct for interviews. 


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The Match FAQ

Get answers to frequently asked questions about The Match process.

Code of Conduct for Applicants

Regarding Application and Interview Scheduling Process:

  1. Recognizing that only a limited number of interview slots are available at any given fellowship, applicants should only accept interviews at programs in which they are very interested. Once accepted, an interview should not be cancelled unless, based on subsequent interviews, the applicant is no longer interested.
  2. If an applicant needs to cancel an interview, then the applicant should notify the fellowship program as soon as possible. At least two weeks’ notice of cancellation is appreciated so that the program may invite another applicant with sufficient time. Confirm that the program has received notice of your cancellation by email or a phone call. Applicants should be aware that the fellowship program, at its discretion, may communicate with the applicant’s residency director if the fellowship program considers that the cancellation was given without sufficient notice or for an unacceptable reason.
  3. Applicants should ask all fellowship program-related questions at the interview to avoid post-interview communication.

After the Interview:

  1. Do not ask the program director, faculty or attendings how you will be ranked at any time or contact the fellowship program to express an interest in the program after an interview. Thank you notes and emails are discouraged.
  2. Applicant questions regarding program logistics and due diligence which come up after the completion of the interview should be directed to the program coordinator, not to the program director, faculty or attending physicians. Prohibited topics include applicant interest in fellowship program and rank placement.
  3. It is also discouraged for the applicant’s residency program faculty to contact the fellowship program’ faculty after the interview has occurred to express interest on behalf of the resident, or to solicit information on the applicant’s rank status.

Regarding Fellowship Match Process:

  1. If an applicant accepts a position outside of the match during the interview process, the applicant must notify the appropriate match entity (SF Match or NRMP) and the programs to which the applicant has applied of the intent to withdraw from the match. As a courtesy, advise all applied programs of your immediate plans. 
  2. Once a vacant fellowship position is offered and accepted (by oral agreement, email or other written acceptance by the program and applicant, and/or a signed contract), it becomes a binding commitment between the applicant and the fellowship program, subject to any terms and conditions of the fellowship.
  3. Applicants may request a waiver from a match with a fellowship program if fulfilling the commitment would cause undue hardship or if there has been a substantial change in the fellowship program. Timelines and other process requirements for waivers, and all decisions regarding waivers will be determined by the AAHKS Fellowship Match Oversight Committee.
  4. If an applicant violates this Code of Conduct, the applicant will cooperate with any investigation into the alleged violation. Additionally, if multiple specialty societies are impacted by the alleged violation, the AAHKS Fellowship Match Oversight Committee will communicate and cooperate in any investigation and will try to reach consensus on an appropriate sanction(s) for the violations. The AAOS Fellowship Committee will be informed of ongoing investigations by the specialty societies.
  5. Sanctions proceedings may be filed by the AAHKS Fellowship Match Oversight Committee, subject to AAHKS procedures and rules.
  6. Sanctions imposed against an applicant may include:
    • A written reprimand or other letter outlining concerns, which may be filed with the applicant’s residency program director, the American Board of Medical Specialties, the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery, and/or the ACGME, or the equivalent certifying body for DO candidates or any other entity or individual AAHKS deems relevant; and/or
    • Ban from participating in the match for one (1) year;
    • Any other sanction AAHKS deems relevant and proper.

AAHKS is responsible for investigating and imposing any sanctions in accordance with AAHKS policies or procedures.

Oversight of Match Process

For questions or comments regarding the Adult Reconstruction Match, please contact

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