With the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) implementation of ICD-10 starting on October 1, 2015, AAHKS has compiled several resources to help ease the transition. ICD-10 expands the number of codes from 16,000 to 68,000 from the previous iteration, and although claims will not be denied because of miscoding for a period of 12 months, this is only true if there is a valid ICD-10 code in the claim. No ICD-9 codes will be processed.

AAHKS has created an online resource center to assist you and your colleagues with the transition where you’ll find the following coding resources:

– ICD-10 EZ-sheet for Hip Arthroplasty
– ICD-10 EZ-sheet for Knee Arthroplasty
– ICD-10 EZ-sheet for Medical Comorbidities
– “Big Eleven” Comorbidities List for ICD-10
– Cross-References for CPT Code 27130 in ICD-10
– Cross-References for CPT Codes 27134, 27137 and 27138 in ICD-10
– Cross-References for CPT Code 27447 in ICD-10
– Cross-References for CPT Codes 27486 and 27487 in ICD-10
– Primer on ICD-10 PCS for your Hospital Coders

Special thanks to Frank R. Voss, MD for his hard work and dedication in creating these guides for AAHKS members.

You can review the ICD-10 codes for Hip and Knee replacements on the CMS website and refer to their Quick Start Guide to assist in preparation for implementation of ICD-10.

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