February 25, 2014
For Immediate Release

Rosemont, IL – The American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons’ (AAHKS) logo and brand identification have been transformed in a way that reflects a great deal more than graphic design.

It signifies their rededication to innovation, collaboration and advancement in the face of unprecedented challenges to its members, their patients and the practice of orthopaedics. The brand encompasses an entirely new Corporate Partnership Program, which strives to help AAHKS address critical medical, educational, socioeconomic and health policy issues with new energy and deeper resources. The new logo and brand identification will come to life in program materials, at the Annual Meeting, on the redesigned website, and in communications.

“Our new look simply confirms our determination to pursue that mission with renewed energy and strategic thinking appropriate for today’s patients, practitioners and evolving health care system,” stated Michael J. Zarksi, JD, Executive Director.

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