This week, AAHKS participated in the American College of Surgeons (ACS) Surgeon Well-Being Coalition meeting. The coalition will connect surgeons and organizations to share best practices, learn about the different well-being initiatives and decide how best to leverage the infrastructure and support of surgical organizations to benefit the well-being of all surgeons. Past Board Member-at-Large Kim K. Tucker, MD is representing AAHKS at the coalition and notes “Wellness is a significant issue for surgeons today. The first step to wellness, is recognition that we may have a problem. In our field, we experience burnout at a high rate, and this may be related to institutional or external issues like EHR, lack of efficiency in our workplaces and lack of resources within our workplaces. Wellness may also be affected by personal issues such as depression, a lack of peer support and related to systemic issues like depersonalization within the healthcare field.” As the coalition develops resources, we look forward to sharing them with our membership. Learn more about the coalition. 

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