In this episode of AAHKS Amplified, Arthroplasty Today Editor-in-Chief, Gregory J. Golladay, MD and Deputy Editor, Brett R. Levine, MD talk about Arthroplasty Today, the AAHKS official open access journal and how you can get involved. The journal’s Social Media Editor, Anna R. Cohen-Rosenblum, MD served as moderator for this podcast. Here are a few things you’ll hear in the podcast:


  1. The uniqueness of Arthroplasty Today accepting case reports and white papers
  2. How to submit and publish to Arthroplasty Today
  3. How to become a reviewer for Arthroplasty Today and what makes an excellent reviewer
  4. Transfer of selected submissions from the Journal of Arthroplasty
  5. Enhancing the social media presence for Arthroplasty Today 
  6. Future plans for the journal

In this episode:
Anna R. Cohen-Rosenblum, MD – Arthroplasty Today Social Media Editor
Gregory J. Golladay, MD – Arthroplasty Today Editor-in-Chief
Brett R. Levine, MD – Arthroplasty Today Deputy Editor

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