In this episode of the Augment, host and Past Chair Dr. Cohen-Rosenblum, is joined by 3 of the 4 previous YAG Chairs, Dr. Lange, Dr. Culp and Dr. Frisch to discuss how the YAG was developed and became an official AAHKS committee, the need that it fills for young surgeons and how that has changed over the years. The past chairs share their experiences ensuring the committee survived infancy and now thrives with more than 900 members. Discussion includes how YAG can be a springboard to other AAHKS committees and appointments and engaging fellow members. They also provide tips for young surgeons to navigate getting into volunteer and arthroplasty practice opportunities.

In this episode:

Anna R. Cohen-Rosenblum, MD, MSc
Jeffrey K. Lange, MD
Brian M. Culp, MD
Nicholas B. Frisch, MD, MBA

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