Ryland P. Kagan, MD and Mark E. Mildren, MD join the YAG Augment this week to discuss two of their research papers presented at the 2022 AAHKS Annual Meeting: Paper #33 “Fibromyalgia Increases Post-Operative Healthcare Utilization Following Total Hip Arthroplasty” and Paper #24, “Blame the Opioid not the Spine Surgeon: Dislocation After Total Hip Arthroplasty with Prior Lumbar Surgery”. Search for those abstracts here and listen to Dr. Kagan and Dr. Mildren here. The Augment is then joined by Ayesha Abdeen, MD to talk about her journey from Canada to training in Los Angeles and New York to becoming the chief of the arthroplasty division at Boston Medical Center and developing quality assurance and research initiatives among a very diverse patent population, among other topics. Listen to Dr. Abdeen here 

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