In this episode of the YAG Augment, host Mark E. Mildren, MD is joined by Yale A. Fillingham, MD, 2023 Ortho Team Course Chair, to discuss the development of the course to help with understanding the principles of joint replacement, what the surgeon is concerned with during the surgery and what the team members can be implementing in their own practices. They also discuss the evolution of the course and where it can go in the future to provide continued education to the entire adult reconstruction team. Then Augment hosts Johnathan R. Lex, MD and Amit K. Manjunath, MD are joined by Sara J. Shippee Wallace, MD, MPH and Nathanael D. Heckmann, MD, the 2023 Resident Course Chair & Co-Chair, and Leonard T. Buller, MD, 2023 Resident Lab Course Chair. The Resident Course discussion includes the importance of learning the basic skills of arthroplasty, getting to see and work with leaders in the field and what they would like to see for the course in the future. Listen here, or wherever you download your podcasts. 

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