By Leonard T Buller, MD

AAHKS and its members would like to thank U.S. Army Major Richard L. Purcell, MD, for his brave and heroic service to our country. Dr. Purcell, an AAHKS member, was one of the last U.S. Army Orthopaedic surgeons in Afghanistan and was  stationed at the NATO hospital at Hamid Karzai International Airport hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan. During the final weeks of their mission, he was a member of the primary surgical team for one of the largest mass casualty events in the history of the Afghanistan conflict. He and the other members of their surgical team worked tirelessly to provide life and limb saving surgical support to U.S. service-members and their allies. We are beyond grateful for Dr. Purcell’s bravery and service to this country and wish him a safe return home.

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