In this episode of The Cut, podcast hosts Peter A. Gold, MD, Meghan A. Whitmarsh-Brown, MD and Kim K. Tucker, MD are joined by Adam J. Rana, MD and P. Maxwell Courtney, MD, the Chair and Vice Chair of the AAHKS Advocacy Committee. Hospital Readmissions After Total Joint ArthroplastyMedicare Payments to Hospitals and Physicians and Diminishing Care in Nursing Facility Following Hip Fracture Arthroplasty are discussed and Dr. Rana and Dr. Courtney give us an insider look at advocacy. If you are interested in how payment models work and don’t work and what you can do to learn more and help if you’re interested, don’t miss this episode! Listen here. If you have ideas for future podcasts or want to get in touch with someone from The Cut, email us at

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