Every year, Orthopedic Network News (ONN) publishes a new “Hip and Knee Implant Review” that includes a side-by-side comparison of implant pricing among various manufacturers. As valued members of AAHKS and an added benefit, you can now download the 2023 guide by logging in to AAHKS. This year’s issue also includes: 

  • 2023 Hip and Knee Implant Review 
  • The 2022 WW Hip and Knee Implant Market 
  • Hospital Resources and Implant Cost Management 
  • 2023 U.S. Hip & Knee Implant Price Comparison 
  • Robotics in Joint Replacements — a 2023 Update 
  • OrthoTrends 2013–2023 

Members must not share or distribute copies of this issue per our agreement with ONN. For questions about the ONN, email connect@aahks.org 

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